Life can be wonderful, confusing, hilarious, overwhelming and, let's face it, absolutely brutal + tragic sometimes.

Your inner world and body are important and deserve compassionate care as you navigate living.

Your life is interconnected to a web of collective, somatic, ancestral, political, colonial and psychological patterning and systems.

I work with a lens acknowledging our relationships to past stories, future imaginings, body, humanity, land, plants, animals, biodiversity, community, lineage, the spirit of life and the development of the soul.

By cultivating friendship with curiosity, creativity, nature and the wisdom of the body, accessible resources are found to nurture the garden of the inner world.

*In regards to expressive arts, you don't need to be an "artist" and no experience is necessary. Curiosity is a welcome guest in this creative exploration.

  • Online + In-Person 
  • Due to dual relationship ethics in counselling, I am unable to massage counselling/expressive arts therapy clients
  • In-Person address given upon booking - Mitchell Bay, 20 mins east of Sointula on Malcolm Island (+ Cowichan Valley occasionally)

You are unique.
I intend to meet you where you are at. 

I'm here to help with:

  • depression • crisis • overwhelm • stress 
  •  grief • anxiety • trauma recovery
  • body-image • self-Worth 
  • Addiction • Perfectionism  
  • death & dying

In counselling with expressive arts therapy, there is time to share what is real for you followed by gentle invitations & inquiry. Explore somatic art-making and expressive movement based on your consent and interest to help digest emotions, soothe your mind and get in touch with your inner compass.

I aim to listen deeply, inquire gently and offer compassionately curated and nourishing experiences that support lasting, healthy change. 

Some of my history...

I have practiced massage therapy for 24 years & along the way added Reiki, 5-element acupressure, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, BodyTalk, Hatha Yoga & Kundalini Dance to my repertoire. The treasures of these intricate systems inform the way I see the world. My extensive experience working closely with people and their bodies has given me great insight into the embodied roots of emotional & mental health. The learning continues...

Explore low skill & high presence approaches towards your curiosity about:

  • Rest • movement •dance • outdoor silent disco
  • Nature Therapy & Multi-Media Arts
  • writing •poetry • storytelling
  • Drawing • Doodling • Visual Arts
  • sound •music
  • clay Sculpting 
  • individual & group Work
  • Expanding your Range of Play
  • Somatic awareness Practices

I gently invite you into your curiosity & beckon you through
the colourful gateway of your imagination.


Expressive Arts Therapy can help to grow:

  • creative freedom of expression
  • Self Discovery & Awareness
  • Intuitive Inner knowing
  • Emotional Resilience
  • cognitive & sensory Motor function
  • self-esteem & confidence
  • nervous system regulation
  • relief from internal conflicts
  • a felt sense of Grounded presence in the body

I was interviewed on the 'Authentically You' Podcast by the awesome Alexa Rae Shiefer.


I believe a therapeutic relationship is a collaborative
co-creation with both client & therapist bringing their
valuable perspectives, wisdom, imagination
and uniquely creative nature to each session.

I respectfully acknowledge that I live + work in the Kwakwaka’wakw Territory of the ‘Namgis, Mamalilikala, and Kwakuitl Nations.

Former National Chief, Musician & Artist
• Ottawa, On •

Christy is a truly gifted healer. Ultimately, Christy has an intuitive and spiritual approach to offering healing energy and allows one to connect to the natural healing processes that exist in every human being. I highly recommend Christy to people who are ready to be guided to a deep and meaningful reconnection to their own healing process." 

Registered CliniCal Counsellor
 & Somatic Transformation Practitioner
• Cowichan Valley, BC•

Christy Greenwood is a skilled facilitator who has the rare ability to provide both safe containment and plenty of space for personal exploration and expression. Her authentic leadership is grounded in years of study and deep personal practice. She is warm-hearted, clear-minded, and incredibly passionate about her life's work. Plus, she's a whole lot of fun!" 

CEO Bellyfit ® enterprises INC
• Vancouver island, BC •

Christy is one of those practitioners that you can completely surrender to which is extremely important for someone like me, who is very choosy. You can feel Spirit moving through her and you get the sense that the healing being offered is coming from a very deep/high place. If you are looking for a professional, tapped in, highly skilled and personable practitioner, Christy is it." 

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