Massage & Acupressure with Sound 


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Prices & Duration on the Table:
 $50  • 30 mins
 $100 • 60 mins
  $140 • 90 mins
   $180 • 120 mins

Please allow for some additional
 time on top of your table time 
for a consultation and check-in
to address your needs along
with transitioning on and off the table.

 receive • rest • restore

*Not for counselling clients due to dual relationship ethics.

During this session, compassionate presence and experienced hands invite you to relax 
into deep rest while you luxuriate in transformational bodywork to soothe your body and soul. 
Bask in the nurturing sounds of singing bowls, chimes and other audible treasures while

unwinding on a deeply warming infrared heat mat filled with tourmaline and amethyst.

 I create space for silence and soft music so your mind can rest into the experience 
without the expectation to uphold a conversation. You are also welcome 
to share at anytime during your session in this confidential space.
This is time to rest and recover.

Some info on my bodywork-specific trainings:

I've been practicing massage therapy for 24 years with training and certification as an RMT (in Manitoba) along with Usui Reiki (master level), Traditional Thai Massage, *Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, 5-element acupressure, BodyTalk & Hot LaStone Therapy.
 More info on my experience and education here.

Benefits of Bodywork:

→ enhanced emotional state, pain relief and even the experience of 
blissful feelings through the release of serotonin & endorphins (the feel-good chemicals)

→  cellular reparation and decreased inflammation through 

healthy nerve stimulation and  increased blood circulation

→ tension relief by regulating the nervous system and lowering the presence

of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline

→ the potential for integration & digestion of mental & emotional content 

→ a felt-sense of relaxed groundedness

→ new insight & revelation

I was an RMT in Manitoba but am not in BC due to interprovincial legislation. Massage sessions are not covered by your insurance benefits but I am insured to practice relaxation massage. Feel free to book a free consult below if you'd like to connect prior to your session to see if we'd be a good fit.

*Thank you to my Lomi Lomi teachers, Wayne Kealohi Powell, Patti Kale'aokalani Miller & their teachers, Serge Kahili King, Harry Uhane Jim, Abraham Kawai'i, Sherman Dudoit, Anakala Pilipo Solaterio, Glenda Green, Mahara Brenna, Satyen Raja, John De Ruiter, Aunty Margaret & Susan Pa'iniu Floyd.


Christy is a deeply caring, sincere and accomplished practitioner with a powerful, profound & nurturing presence. I highly recommend that you experience her inspired work for yourself."

Brian James


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