REWILD Your Creativity
expressive arts workshops
Should you wish to book a customized workshop or retreat for
special group experience, let's explore how we can
co-create something wonderful for your crew.

  • sense your environment
  • ground into your arrival
  • explore invitations
  • create with curiosity
  • move into your unique expression

Christy’s class at the Victoria Yoga Conference several years ago allowed me the surprising realization that I LIKE to move my body to music.

Carey Davidson

Yoga Teacher & Expressive Arts Practitioner, BC • Canada

Rewilding Creativity experiences may be for you if you are curious about low skill/high presence, sometimes playful, therapeutic exploration of writing, poetry, storytelling, expressive movement, visual arts, sound, music, and nature-based arts.

Between us and our full creative expression is unprocessed emotion, trauma, conditioning, belief systems & internalized oppression.

 Gently nourishing & opening up your creative pathways is a way to reclaim the territory of inspiration in your life.

If you have some kind of wild idea that you aren't creative, l beg to differ!



So much gratitude to you for holding this space for us for the last 6 weeks. I had no idea when I started that these little zoom evenings would open up so much for me, allow me to revisit myself in the gentle way you made possible. It did indeed rewild my creativity, not in a Jackson Pollock paint explosion way, but rather that wonderful way that little flowers start to grow between the cracks in the sidewalk. Strong, persistent, gentle, beautiful. Thank you!



I highly recommend Christy as an expressive arts therapist. Her groundedness, deep wisdom, intuition and care for the nervous system make her a potent space holder. Her presence fosters healing and authentic expression. I also appreciate her embodied approach and playful spirit. Sessions with her are profoundly enriching and enlivening!

Rewilding Dance E-Course →

Nourish & Activate Your Wild Genius
Online • Anywhere In The World • At Your Own Pace

A self-paced, 8-session creative movement journey of ritual, healing & transformation. Dance yourself free (whatever that looks like for you). Root down into the Earth, blossom towards the sun and dance your heart out. 
No experience necessary. Move as you wish.

What is Dance Temple?

(From the Dance Temple Collective)

Dance Temple intends to provide a welcoming space to have an authentic experience, to express in an inclusive way, to clear blocks, thoughts or patterns, to centre and harmonize with ourselves and with each other.

Dance Temple is the heartbeat and foundation of a larger cultural transformation where all are allowed to share their brilliance.

We dance to feel connection to ourselves, our bodies and community along with our joy and our sorrow. We dance to allow it all to move through. 

We dance to come home to ourselves again and again.

  • Practice freedom of expression through movement.
  • Tune into an eclectic selection of musical flavours from a revolving
    lineup of experienced facilitators.
  • Inspire and explore new ways to move your body.
  • Explore the altar space for contemplation, reflection and intention setting.
  • Learn to enter into a state of trance without the use of substances (no drugs or alcohol please).
  • Non-denominational opening and closing (can be in the form of a prayer, meditation or circle)
  • Minimal facilitation. You are free to move as you wish.

breathe • drink water •take care of yourself •wear comfortable clothing for movement • be prepared to sweat

Integrative Body Psychotherapist,
Facilitator of Dance & Paint Soul Journeys

• Duncan, BC •

Christy’s facilitation is very grounded, clear and fun. I have done many dance and yoga workshops with her and always felt safe to go deep as she holds a strong container. She draws from a wellspring of experience and training that make every journey with her feel like a new adventure. Activating and clearing chakras through breath and dance is one of the most powerful and life changing things I have ever experienced. I am excited that Christy will share tools, wisdom and her unique selection of music with us to practice in the convenience of our homes."

Chief Executive Officer, Bellyfit Enterprises Inc.

• Victoria, BC •

Christy has a special gift when it comes to facilitating deep transformation through movement. She's now taken all her masterful expertise in connecting people to their deep core essence and transposed it into an exceptional online experience that is as fun and inspiring as it is healing and transcendental. I highly recommend all that Christy creates to anyone ready and willing to meet their true, wild and wonderful nature."

Osteopath, Author, Teacher, Animal Intuitive, Equine Sport Therapist

• Duncan, BC •

I confess - I am a Christy dance groupie! Her incredible ability to hold space, facilitate transformation and choose the grooviest music to get down to, make her dance journeys something you just want to do over and over. I leave feeling cleansed, rejuvenated, inspired and ready to move forward in a powerful way! Can't say enough about all the goodness that Christy brings to everything she does!"

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