Registered Therapeutic Counselling 
& Expressive Arts Therapy

*  Clients may be eligible for reimbursement by third-party insurers.
Due to dual relationship ethics with counselling, I am not able to provide massage sessions to counselling clients.

teens & adults
in-person • online zoom • outside • phone
body-centred • nature-based
• currently taking new clients *

You may be recovering from past traumas and the intensity
 that life brings. Challenging emotions and looping
mental patterns can make any
of us feel totally stuck.

Stoke the flame of your creativity & attend to your
mental/emotional health in a gently nourishing way.
Together we will curate a space within to discover accessible
resources and tend to your inner world.

In this work you may integrate life experiences,
regulate your nervous system & harmonize
your brain chemistry by engaging in exploratory
art making experiences that ignite your curiosity.

This is not about an end product or making good/bad art.
It's about the experience of therapeutic creating as a
personal awareness practice.

If you choose, you may explore low skill/high presence
somatic practices of writing, poetry, storytelling,
embodied movement, dance, photography, visual arts,
sound, music and nature-based arts. Sometimes you may
just want to lie down to share or be guided in a restful practice that
nurtures much needed stillness.

All creative practices are customized to your needs & curiosity in the moment.

Anything I offer is an invitation or
suggestion as we decide together what routes to take in the
session with your consent and inner knowing held in the highest regard.

I'm here to compassionately listen and offer
genuine encouragement and practices for you to live your best life.

Customized group experiences available.

Find out what happens in a session further down this page. ↓

What Happens in an Expressive Arts Therapy Counselling Session?

  • If on Zoom, you can join from the comfort and privacy of your home. You may want drawing & writing materials, a place to rest (sitting or laying) and room to move/dance & create. We can always work with what you have.
  • If in-person, you are welcome into my studio, garden or by the trees. You can lay down or  rest on as you wish while we are in session. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.
  • As we begin, we will check in. I will invite you to share what's alive for you, your concerns & challenges and inquire about what would be most nourishing for you.  Everything you share is confidential.
  • We can dialogue while in the art-making or be non-verbal in the work.  Sometimes it's easier to share while doodling and not having to look at anyone or feel like you are being looked at. 
  • If you choose to engage in a movement journey, we may use silent disco headphones in the studio or garden. Music will come to your headphones with my voice as I guide you towards your inner guide and your unique expression. Zoom movement journeys work well too. Good speakers help but are not necessary.
  • Your preferences are important to me. You can decide which materials to use and what you'd like to explore. If you don't feel clear on that, I have suggestions you can choose from. Some folks want to lie down the whole time and just share or co-create poetry or storytelling while resting. 
  • Towards the end of the session,  I will help you harvest the fruits of your arts experience. I'll offer contemplative questions & reflections for you to tune into the wisdom of your creative expression and how that may relate to your life.
  • No experience is all! This is about the personal awareness practices of creative exploration and not a final outcome, though that may be a big part of it too.
  • I never know how a session will unfold and each one is unique. Emotions may arise and I'm here to help with carefully tending to yourself. 
  • You may be invited into some home art exploration after the session that you can choose to engage in, should that feel supportive.
  • I do not diagnose, critique or interpret art as good or bad. Art speaks to us through the filters of our own judgment. During our time together, I will invite you to witness your inner dialogue to access information around patterns or loops that might be leaking your life force. I will invite you to translate the messages of your art, if any are available.
  • I intend to offer helpful tools while deeply respecting the inner guide & creative genius inside you. 


  • After hours availability
  • Sliding scale rates
  • Customized group experiences
  • Group counselling

Emotional & Mental Health:

Offer presence to the aspects of your life that are calling out for your attention. Tune in to the resources of the present, expand your range of play and discover the medicinal gifts of your creative intelligence.
I will offer gentle guidance to support you in regulating your nervous system and listen to your inner knowing as we
creatively follow what's emerging during our time together.

Dance Into Your Wild Truth

Nourish & Activate Your Wild Genius
8-week Rewilding Dance Journey

online • anywhere in the world • at your own pace

Would you like to express more fully & free up more space in your inner world through movement?

Experience a potent creative dance journey 
of the inner mystery.

Get Your Transformational Groove On 
& Express Yourself.

Connect to the Ancient
Wisdom & Power of
Your Sacred Body Intelligence.

Kitchen Witch, Inspired Yoga & Movement Teacher, E-RYT500
• Pemberton, BC •

Christy is an inspired practitioner who brings her whole being into all that she offers. I am always transported into deep states of relaxation by the supportive space she creates. Christy is always learning and her work is ever deepening. She is an incredibly talented practitioner and I whole-heartedly recommend her."

Magical Mama,
Creative Seamstress, Dance Temple DJ & Dance Facilitator
• Cowichan Valley, BC •

Christy Greenwood is an intuitive practitioner. She operates from the heart. She is non-imposing and gently navigates through a session as a clear channel. I have experienced some incredible answers to some challenges that have come up in my life through her sessions. It is often a realization that I can solve the 'problem' from within. Christy's tools have supported me to have a perspective change and link up some unseen aspects of my life to help me shift the story I may be looping in. Her work offers a pathway to personal freedom."

Intuitive Clairvoyant, Ambassadress of the Unseen, Magic In Action Mentor & Ritual Facilitator
• Salt Spring Island, BC •

Trusting Christy to be my guide and support with her work is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I really appreciated the spaciousness created for what was needed to reveal itself, while also feeling the focus and encouragement to direct myself for the most effective use of this time. I can tell she has many fantastic tools to assist deeper inquiry and I look forward to the next time I can go on a quest of a lifetime with her! I would encourage anyone who is feeling like there is something within them which is buried beyond their comprehension or courage to work with this gal."

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