Dance Temple

Dance Temple Cowichan is a welcoming, intentional movement experience for people who love to dance and explore the creative conversation between music and the body.

This is a sober event and a non-verbal dance floor supporting the experience of dance as a moving meditation or personal awareness practice. If folks want to talk or be on their phones, they are invited to go outside to engage.

It’s totally natural to feel awkward socially with others at times, especially these days. Folks are welcome to come as they are, with no experience necessary to authentically move in response to the music and the moment.

After a half-hour of warm-up music, there is an opening with brief facilitation to support participants with arriving into their dance practice. This opening varies depending on the facilitator and often includes invitations of awareness that support dancers to ground, land into the moment, set intentions and gently be with whatever they are present with.

Dancers are welcome to explore freedom of expression while being in respectful awareness of those around them. Participants enjoy a revolving lineup of experienced facilitators offering an eclectic selection of musical flavours, beautiful melodies, fun beats and deep bass that will inspire folks to move in new ways. 

Kids are welcome who enjoy dancing and we ask that caregivers keep young ones at arm’s length to prevent them from running around on the dance floor so dancers can be present with their expressive movement practice.

Prior to leaving there is a closing with light facilitation to support the integration of the dancers’ experience. It’s great to bring water, dress in layers and prepare to sweat.

In honour of the times, the capacity is limited so there is ample space on the dance floor. In June the option of silent disco headphones is available for those who would be most comfortable dancing outside.

Dance is a therapeutic way to renew inspiration for living. Dance can be a healthy outlet for stress and tension while unearthing the healing power of creative expression. 

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