Warm greetings from the Sointula seaside, 

Standing here on the edge of civilization I was reflecting on how many of us are edge walkers on the precipice of new, unknown growth as the days lengthen and the inner seeds get restless.

After 23 years in therapeutic practice, I’m continually inspired by the courage of people to gently show up to the present where old pain can arrive for grieving, feeling and letting go while harvesting any valuable nutrients for moving forward.

Witnessing people releasing themselves from the cage of a past worth shedding, is profound liberation that I’m honoured to hold space for.

What excites me is the new garden for potential that emerges in the space on the other side of thorough grieving.

We have landed in this new life on Malcolm Island after shedding a thousand skins of transformative grief and effortful physical labour to get here. This feels like where we need to be.

This handmade blanket by my Aunty Judy ↑ warmly embraces me as I continue to befriend the unknown and practice relaxing into the confusion that is often present in the beginning of new chapters. My beloved son has flown to Australia to expand his wings and the change has been monumental. The empty nest is so full of space, potential and SO many feelings.

Fighting and resisting confusion leaks so much energy. The mind wants to know and clarity can often equal the perception of safety. Relaxing into the unknown offers more space to breathe, if and when relaxation is even accessible. I remember and forget the power of choosing perspective repeatedly as I continue to walk alongside clients in spaces of grief and confusion.

There is so much space on the other side of letting go, but how does one let go exactly?
There can be a decision to let go but how does that really root the choice into reality? 

I suppose that’s where experimental creative expression, movement, love, nature, humour, plant allies and wellness practices help to resource the conscious and subconscious from an essence of life-force beyond the mind.

The unknown stretches out before us all, doesn’t it? 
What supports you in the practice of befriending the unknown?

I fall off the train of trusting in life repeatedly and understandably as a human. I continue to strengthen my trust muscle by choosing trust over and over while major aspects of our dominant culture seem to be breaking apart at the seams. Maybe it’s always felt that way for humans as we are not new to destruction/death and rebuilding/birth. 

Choosing trust is perhaps cultivating a form of faith. All I know is that when I’m approaching life with a base of trust, I feel better.

How do we trust in the face of confusion when things don’t make sense? So many things don’t make sense about this world. For many, religion and spiritual faith hold them in a perspective that feels supportive. Who or what supports you?

The practice of being with what is and fumbling through growth continues on while the raven, loon, seagull and eagle call out loudly around me in this new world. Nature often has a way of making sense.

Cheering you on wholeheartedly in this strange, devastating, weird and wonderful experience of life, 

???????? Christy

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